Tina was already very busy when we first spoke to her but was open to new sources of high quality new patients reliably, consistently and predictably.

We ran a campaign to bring new patients through the door of her clinic with a discounted frontend offer on first time HIFU treatment.

Tina didn’t have time to handle inquiries as they came in manually herself so we needed to set up some automations.

Her main concern before we got started was not discounting the treatment too much and in doing so harming her brand and attracting the wrong type of people, which she felt Groupon had done when she had advertised with them previously.


We promised 30 but actually delivered 50 qualified new patient inquiries for HIFU treatment (with prices starting at $350!) in the first 30 days.

Tina received 50 Inquiries and at ONLY $5.66 each in ad spend!

From this we booked in 10 appointments automatically and Tina told us that the revenue generated was $3810

So Return On Investment (ROI) = $3810 / $283.01 = 13.46 to 1!

AND this does NOT included repeat business or referrals which Tina says in the following email she feels sure to get at the check-up appointment!


How did we do it?

We worked together to create an offer that would be attractive enough to get attention and get new patients through the door without devaluing her brand and attracting discount hunters/tyre kickers.

One we got the new patients through the doors of her clinic she had no problem up-selling them on to her packages and many went on to become lifetime clients.

In her own words:

“I will turn these clients in to long term clients at the check-up appointment”

One we had decided on the offer our professional copy-written and edited video adverts generated 50 inquiries in the first 30 days.

Our New Patients On Demand™ system utilises a Facebook Messenger Chatbot to automatically respond, give more information and take bookings online…

Whilst also automatically building a list of prospects to market future offers.

Tina was left free of any unnecessary admin, sales and following up to concentrate on her passion; delivering life changing HIFU treatment to her clients confident that high quality new patients were being introduced to her business on auto-pilot.

You Can Have New Patient Appointments Scheduled by This Time Next Week!

AND We Guarantee Results!

BUT We Can ONLY Work With 1 Clinic Per Area

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