The New Patient Attraction System

Disappointed with your current marketing? Here's what ACTUALLY works going into 2020...


Running a profitable cosmetic surgery practice is getting harder.

Advancements in non-surgical treatments mean potential patients are now holding off hoping the latest treatment will produce results they want without surgery.

AND if it wasn’t already difficult enough standing out in an already-crowded plastic surgery landscape…

New Medi-Spas that provide these alternatives are popping up every day.

As a result, competition is fierce and new patients, aware of their options, are shopping around and come ready to negotiate!

You can no longer just rely on referrals, blogging, posting on social media and emails…

And with the cost of advertising on the major platforms increasing running paid ads at volume is also not a viable solution without a well planned strategy.

Where the buyer’s journey may take several months from first considering surgery to booking and paying for the procedure, running an ad telling people to ‘book now’ will just not cut it.

These marketing tactics are outdated, ineffective and cost inefficient

As we approach 2020 you need a PROVEN SYSTEM that will not only attract new prospects in to your sales funnel, but once there, respond AUTOMATICALLY and dynamically to their online behaviour and engagement with you, with the correct message at the correct time.

When done right this means: 

MORE Patients.

MORE Procedures.

MORE Revenue.

And delivering these results predictably, consistently and sustainably…


This guide will walk you through the EXACT system we developed to do EXACTLY this.

The NEW Patient Attraction System mapped out


Who Is This Guide For?




  • You are spending money each month on lead generation but just NOT getting the number of new patients you expect or NEED.
  • You keep losing potential new patients to your competitors.
  • The inquiries you are getting are falling through or your sales team can’t close them.
  • You are unsure if your leads are even being followed up properly even though your staff are already complaining they don’t have enough time.
  • If you are just completely in the dark as to whether your advertising costs are even delivering a good ROI.

If that’s YOU then good news!

Keep reading and I promise if you put this system in place you will be able to consistently, sustainably and predictably generate new patients each and every month.



Let’s Get Started!



Step 1. Know EXACTLY who we are targeting


The first thing we need to do is get really clear about who our ideal client is.

We will build customer avatars or buyer personas for each of your ideal new patients and establish their motivations behind buying.

This will help us not only target our audience but will be relevant at every stage of our marketing and sales process.

By knowing exactly who it is we are trying to reach, we can:

  • Create content that will attract and answer their questions before they even ask them.
  • Precisely target them with advertising no matter where they go online.
  • Tailor our message, copywriting and creative in our offers to speak directly to their pain-points and goals.
  • Write emails/SMS/messenger messages that will be read, absorbed and ultimately persuade your prospects to become patients.

It cannot be understated how important this part is.

Each persona will require a very specific approach.

Some examples:

  • Female, Student, 18 – 23, Seeking Breast Augmentation
  • Female, New Mother, 25 – 35, Seeking Post Pregnancy Surgery
  • Female, Professional, 50 +, Seeking Anti-Aging Procedures
  • Male, Professional, 40 +, Seeking Fat Reduction + Loose Skin Removal


Step 2. Understand the cosmetic surgery patient’s buyer’s journey




Stage One – Awareness

The prospect has identified a particular issue that’s causing them pain or low-esteem

Before beginning the research phase, the potential client will be made aware of their surgical options.

It is at this stage they will find your content if it answers the initial questions and can be easily found


Stage Two – Consideration

The prospect is now relatively well informed as to his or her options: 

Surgical, non-surgical, lifestyle change….OR do nothing.

They still have questions that need answering. This is where a huge opportunity lies to capture an untapped market of potential patients your competitors are ignoring!

You will see later that our funnel will allow you to capture leads at ALL stages of the buyers journey and then continue to build a relationship with them in the background until they know like and trust you – so when they are ready to make the commitment to book a procedure YOU will be the Surgeon they come to.

Once they have a procedure in mind, they will seek out all the information available information about it.

The patient will be doing some research and looking into all the viable alternatives to decide if the procedure is for them.

They will look to see how you stack up against your competitors with pricing comparisons or patient interviews.

We need to provide useful information such as interviews with doctors and surgeons about the specifics of an operation, an in-depth look at your practice’s specialities, or a list of procedures covered by insurance.

Your testimonials and before and after photos will be very helpful at this stage to build trust and put you ahead.


97% Visitors are in the Awareness and Consideration stages


Stage Three – Decision

The prospect has made their mind up on a surgical procedure and is now most likely shopping around based on recommendations/testimonials/before and after evidence (and sadly some will be on price).

They may still have questions and concerns, for example, what the outcome will be, what the surgeon is like, how many similar operations has he done, how long the downtime will be etc so we really need to show up here as this is the most competitive stage.

Making it easy for patients to get funding for their procedure, get in touch to schedule consultations and the procedure itself will help you get the sale.


 This is the 3% that MOST Plastic Surgeon online marketing ONLY caters for!


EXAMPLE: Suzanne’s Buyer’s Journey 




Step 3. The Sales Funnel & Mirroring the Buyer’s Journey


A funnel allows us to break down our marketing and sales efforts.

By mapping out the channels and touchpoints we can literally hold the hand of our prospective patients and walk them through their individual buyers’ journey until they are ready to ‘convert’, book a consultation before ultimately become a paying patient.

There are three parts of this funnel catering for 3 different audiences:

Cold Audience – People that don’t yet know you

Warm Audience – People that know who you are and what you offer

Hot Audience – People that know, like and trust you and want what you are selling

The audience temperature gauge reflects how much they know about you and how engaged they are with your services.

So following on from the previous discussion we want this journey; going from a cold audience to a hot audience ready to buy; to mirror their Buyer’s Journey. 

We will aim to bring them into our sales funnel as a cold audience when they are first aware or considering that a surgical procedure you offer is a solution to their pain point.

Then, as they move through the consideration to the decision phase to book their consultation and ultimately the procedure,

We want to be there at every step of the way.

We will use the temperature gauge as we bring people through the funnel so we can gauge where they are in their journey in order to get the messaging and content we will deliver in our ads EXACTLY right.

This may not make a lot of sense just yet but am going to show you how we will begin to appear everywhere they go online.

And when we do we’ll be there with just the right piece of content and message they need to be gently pushed along their way based on their behaviour up to that point

By doing this we build trust as you appear omnipresent, cement you as the authority as you always have the answers they’re looking for…

And warm them up to you personally as their very best option.

Now, when they are ready to book…

It is you they will come to as you will have built a relationship with them where they feel they trust you, feel they know you… and may even like you! 

Quickly compare this approach with say running a paid advert which simply runs off some features and benefits of a procedure, perhaps with a special offer, and then sends any traffic to your website where it simply tells them to “call in to book now”.


TOF – Top Of Funnel – Cold Audience


Your prospects start out as strangers in the Awareness stage.

For all intents and purposes, these are people that don’t yet know about your practice.

 (Obviously, in some cases there will be but for the sake of this discussion we’ll just assume they don’t)

To attract our cold audience and bring them into our funnel we will use Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads offer the most cost-effective access to, and the most control overreaching, those people still at the awareness or consideration phase of the Buyer’s Journey



We will test a few different audiences here at this stage.

We will trial:


  • Lookalike Audiences – (Facebooks Incredible Algorithm and Data + Your Existing Client Email List = An audience of new people that very closely match the online profile and recent online behaviour of people MOST LIKELY to become a client!)
  • Interest
  • Behaviours
  • Demographics
  • Blanket (An open audience in a capture area a certain radius around your practice)




Our initial goal is getting you and your brand in front of an audience of people that are interested in your services.

Our creative will have NO CALL TO ACTION at this stage.

We need to produce content that will answer the potential patient’s questions and give them the information they are looking for.

At this end we are going to be serving them a range of videos of getting views

This is because of two things:

#1 Facebook favours you keeping them on Facebook so if you’re gonna take them off of Facebook, for example to your website, the cost is slightly higher and the bidding becomes a lot more competitive.

#2 We will build an audience of people that we KNOW are interested in your services

We will do this with a video views campaign.

The sort of thing that works here is educational videos that provide solutions to a major pain point your ideal new patient is dealing with.

For example, you could make a video of you at your clinic where you:

Highlight the pain point of a new Mum’s struggle to get her old body back.

Build rapport by identifying and calling out the pain point,

Empathize with her about the difficulty in finding the time to diet and exercise with her new responsibility

And then ‘teach’ some alternatives, in a non-salesy way, including but not limited to a ‘Mummy Makeover’

Now she’s seen you, seen your clinic, learnt from you and seen that you’re someone that cares about something that’s clearly causing her a lot of ‘pain’




 As we run our ads and collect data, the Facebook Advertising platform’s algorithm will actually learn EXACTLY who is most likely to watch our video and begin to only deliver our ads to people that are likely to engage in our video.

 And who are the only people likely to engage in our videos and watch over 50%, 75% or even the full 100%?

ONLY the people who are more interested in our services than scrolling through their news feed!

These are people that have the pain point that we are calling out

And need your procedure; the solution.




We now know they are interested in our service BUT we haven’t asked them to take any action and book in.

 Well, why is that?

 Because they don’t really know us yet.

Now, this wouldn’t be a marketing article blog if we didn’t draw on the dating analogy:

Just in case you hadn’t heard it before

Successful marketing is like having success in dating…

On a first date you’re not going to go ask them for marriage

 Of course not, (right?!?)

 You’re gonna ask for nothing more than the next date 

OK, so where are we now?

So this stage essentially builds an audience of highly targeted people that we KNOW actually want our services and at the same time begins the process of starting a relationship with them and warming them up to us!

This is also when most of the advertising budget goes but this will soon be the lifeline of your practice.

So how can we keep this new relationship moving in the right direction?


MOF Middle Of Funnel – Warm Audience




OK so now we can target ONLY those people that watched a certain length of the video using the video engagement option 

This allows us to segregate them into buckets based on a very basic assumption that the more of our video they watched the more interested they are in the service promoted in the content.

 People that only watched less than 10 seconds or 50% of a short video we can retest by sending to a different video with a different take on the same service to filter out those that really aren’t interested in using the same method of building an audience of people that watched more than 50% of that.

 (Just to give you some figures as an example – in reality, we will test these different ratios based on the videos length and content)




OK so now we’ve done the work to build an audience of interested people, potential new patients

At this stage of their buyer’s journey where they move from being aware that they want your procedure to actually considering going under the knife

They will have questions that need answering which gives us an opportunity…

We want to hold their hand through this next stage of the journey so they come to understand the procedure is their best option, they know your story and they know. LIKE and TRUST you; the brand.

How do we do this?

We will deliver content to them specifically to do that at specific times that will build your authority in this space

We deliver ads promoting multiple educational pieces of content based around the procedure they’ve shown interest using our proprietary storyline sequence method

They will now not ONLY start seeing you everywhere they go but every time they do they will see a NEW piece of content.

(This is surprising actually very cost-effective to do BUT will paint you as the top authority in the space by being EVERYWHERE… Think Coca-Cola advertising!

We will also include a call to action at this stage.



By now you’re probably thinking:

“Can ask for their business yet?”

EVEN with this warm audience, we will still not expect them to see one ad and then book a consultation.

As we discussed earlier only 3% of visitors will be ready to book now (at the decision stage) so we need to offer something of value in exchange for their contact information.

BUT we will make an offer.

By offering premium content in exchange for the details we can accomplish 3 things:

  1. Give them more content to take away that will further cement your authority as the expert
  2. Get their contact details AND permission to contact them
  3. Move them off of Facebook where we can track their behaviour (Landing page, website or chatbot engagement)

All this content and free advice is what will tip the domino that’s gonna get them to choose you over all the other options; non-surgical procedures and surgeons 

We can offer e-book/video guides for those still in the awareness stage and self-assessment type quizzes for those already in the consideration stage to give them the information they need to progress through their journey in exchange for their email and even get them to subscribe to our chatbot.

A couple of examples of premium content could be “Mummy Makeover – What you need to know; before and after” or “Which type of Breast Implant is best for me?

This idea is to give them answers to questions they have, whilst also getting some more valuable branded content in front of them and in doing so helping them continue their journey.



This is now where we want them to click into a landing page on your website site, a chatbot or a lead form (these are options we would test as well) in order to opt-in for our content – More about those options here

 We want at the very least for them to give us their email address and sign up for this premium content  but we can also get their permission to contact them through Facebook messenger and even SMS (local legislation permitting)

The more channels we can use to the reach them and make daily touchpoints, the better

These are now our ‘Hot’ audience

Unfortunately, the majority of people that go to the landing page will not sign up…

There are many reasons for this, wrong time, the phone rang, change mind at last minute etc

Of course, this may be due to other reasons in our control so we would test and optimize the design, written copy and user experience to improve the conversion rate 

The people that enter our chatbot, landing page or lead form but don’t opt-in we will retarget with another set of ads ‘selling’ the free premium content from a different angle

Retargeting adverts with a slight difference is very effective in bringing people back, improves conversion rates and ultimately reduces the cost per new patient acquisition.


BOF Bottom OF Funnel – Hot Audience



Those that DO take our content and leave their details now progress to the final stage as a warm audience.

We can segregate them based on the pixel capture at the landing page or the form or chatbot opt-in and show yet another specific set of ads to ONLY these people.

These are website visits, lead form engagement or custom audiences built inside your chatbot software



Going back to our dating metaphor; this is where we will go for the proposal!

We’ve warmed them up now and got our premium content in front of them

We now want to continue the omnipresence storytelling campaign bu shift the focus of our ads to content around you and the procedure to build even more trust and authority and close each with a call to action.

These will be our direct response ads asking them to book a consultation.

The sort of content that we promote includes:

  • Videos and written posts answering FAQs
  • Customer testimonials and before and afters done cleverly so as to stay compliant with Facebook Ads and HIPPA policies to add social proof
  • Subtle posts showing off your awards, accreditation or any features of you in other press
  • Videos of you talking through the procedure and the results they can expect
  • Interviews with you
  • Reporter style ‘vlogs’ in the clinic, interviews with staff, patients, you or just showing off your clinic

At the same time, we will deliver a sequence of emails to run to them over the next few weeks mirroring the ads we show them…

Depending on the details captured at opt-in we can also send Messenger and SMS sequences and if we pixel the opt-in page can run display ads on the Google Display network

(Think those Amazon ads that follow you EVERYWHERE after viewing an item that you don’t buy)

Our creative at this stage will leverage as many of the following (where possible) to get them to act and make the booking :

  • Your accreditation
  • Social proof
  • Testimonials
  • Discount
  • Time sensitivity
  • Scarcity
  • Fear of missing out
  • The opportunity cost of not taking it
  • Overcoming internal false beliefs holding them back eg, Downtime etc



Now is we will measure our results on the number of  inquiries and consultation bookings we are getting 

We will trial different creatives and approaches, optimizing by using all the tools at our disposal to get the best results

And continue to improve conversion rate and reduce cost per inquiry further with retargeting to those that make it to the booking form but don’t convert.


New Paying Patients?


Getting an inquiry or consultation booking is just the first stage of getting a new paid patient.

People get cold feet and will no show despite making an appointment or have the consultation but still not be quite ready to commit

The good news is

We continue to track exactly who is at what stage of the journey 

Putting them into buckets of: 

  • People due for a consultation
  • People that no-showed
  • People that showed but are yet to book

Which means we can continue to support your sales and follow up process by delivering ads to these audiences that will : 

  • Support their decision and tell them what to expect at the consultation
  • Overcome their false beliefs/build more trust/ make the offer more attractive/less friction and bring them back.
  • Handle common objections

I hope it goes without saying that after a consultation has been booked you and your sales team are also following up continuously on the phone, SMS, email, messenger…

Leverage every means at your disposal to get them booked in.

Time To Scale Up!

Now all this may sound like a lot of work

And it is!

BUT once this system is set up and given time to optimize it will deliver new patients on-demand AUTOMATICALLY

You can literally have as many new patients you can handle by simply by controlling your ad spend

Scaling up your daily budget until you can’t handle any more patients!

Imagine this now as a machine, that you own, where every time you put $1 in you get $x out.

Amazing right?

But perhaps even more so is that you now have complete control of your practice and can predictably scale up and grow… 

(Or scale down and even pause should you ever want to) 

Having total certainty that this system guarantees that:


$x Ad Spend Invested = $x Revenue*

*DISCLAIMER/WARNING!!! This output will heavily rely on you having a robust sales and follow up process in place



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