We started working with Maie toward the end of 2019. She was already doing very well and had a marketing agency taking care of her SEO and Google Ads where 80% of her business was coming from.

She was also already spending money on Facebook Ads, but felt there was a lack of tracking and transparency in where her advertising dollars were going.

After seeing the results we got for other clients, she gave us a 1 month trial, and put us to the task of delivering a 20% increase in sales in 30 days…


“Four or five OxyGeneos booked with 2 more maybe/likelies. In 36 hours.  Not too shabby”


We actually delivered an over 300% in sales revenue in the 30 days, and as a result we continue to work with Maie almost 18 months later!

How did we do it?

We worked together to create an offer that would be attractive enough to get attention and get new patients through the door (where they could be up-sold on to her packages and go on to become lifetime clients) without devaluing her brand by being too heavily discounted.

Our professional copy-written and edited video adverts generated 145 inquiries in the first 30 days.


Our New Patients On Demand™ system utilises a FB Messenger chatbot to answer any FAQs around the treatment, collect contact information and then ask the potential new client to call in immediately to secure their place before the offer ends.

All Automatically.

Our system also records EVERY lead generated and synchronises with our client’s CRM so there was never any doubt about where the new patients we generate each and every month are coming from.

You Can Have New Patient Appointments Scheduled by This Time Next Week!

AND We Guarantee Results!

BUT We Can ONLY Work With 1 Clinic Per Area

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"We started last Saturday.... We've got almost 30 bookings! So don't hesitate!"

"We realised an OVER 300% INCREASE in sales!”

"I'm Really Not Sure We Would Still Be Here If (MSM) Weren't Looking After Our Marketing!"

"It's Been Worth... THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!”