Lise is another client that has been with us since early 2019.

When we she reached out to us she had already tried everything she could think of and had invested a lot of money into learning how to effectively market the business for herself.

Whilst she was doing a great job of it, wearing too many hats in the business meant she couldn’t focus on her real passion of delivering life changing results to her clients.

We worked together to create offers that, in an extremely competitive area, would get new patients through the door of her clinic.

Once they met Lise and her team, experienced the clinic and the results of an initial treatment they would ask Lise to create an individualised treatment plan for them and go on to become a lifelong client.

We just needed to cut through all the noise and stand out amongst all the competition in the local area.


“The clients we’ve been getting have been really high quality and they’re clients who keep coming.”

Not only are the quality of our leads really high for a body sculpting offer that starts at $129 per treatment…

BUT in the last 12 months alone we’ve delivered 730 high quality inquiries at an average of only $4.26 in ad spend each!


After lockdown Lise also left us a touching testimonial in which she said:

“I’m really not sure we would still be here if it was for the fact that Aaron (Medi-Spa Marketing) was looking after our marketing” – (Please see the video below)

How did we do it?

As we do with all our clients, it starts by working together to create an attractive offer to get attention and get new patients through the door of the clinic where they will be up-sold on to packages, higher ticket treatments and go on to become lifelong clients…

Without devaluing the brand in the process, by being too heavily discounted.

Our incredible copywriters and video editors then created attention grabbing high converting ads like these:


From there, our New Patients On Demand™ system handles the rest.

It starts with a FB Messenger chatbot to answer any FAQs around the treatment, collects contact information and then even ask the potential new client to call in immediately to secure their place before the offer ends.

All Automatically.

Our system also records EVERY lead generated and synchronises with our client’s CRM so there was never any doubt about where the new patients we generate each and every month are coming from.

Finally anyone that doesn’t book immediately will be served a number of emails, SMS and even ringless voice drops with valuable content and future offers until they come back to us.

You Can Have New Patient Appointments Scheduled by This Time Next Week!

AND We Guarantee Results!

BUT We Can ONLY Work With 1 Clinic Per Area

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"We started last Saturday.... We've got almost 30 bookings! So don't hesitate!"

"We realised an OVER 300% INCREASE in sales!”

"I'm Really Not Sure We Would Still Be Here If (MSM) Weren't Looking After Our Marketing!"

"It's Been Worth... THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!”